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3 fabulous tips for converting inspiring ideas into reality

I’ve got ‘3 fabulous tips for converting inspiring ideas into reality’ so you can put all your creative genius to good use.

How many times have you been cleaning the house, walking down the street, on the verge of falling asleep, or sitting in a café or restaurant when inspiration strikes?

So many now-famous songs, quotes, movies and speeches had humble beginnings on paper napkins of all things, and for good reason!  Those creative (and successful) folk knew the secret to bringing their inspired ideas to life – embracing them by capturing these themes ‘in the moment’.

When a brilliant idea emerges, you might be forgiven for thinking “there’s no way I’ll forget this level of pure magnificence”.  However, thanks to the billions of bits of information and data we’re exposed to on a daily basis, it’s very easy for your idea to lose its gloss.

I am currently working on projects that stem from ideas I had from anywhere between 10 minutes ago and 10 years ago.  As we all know, things don’t always move forward the moment you think of them.  Sometimes it’s a matter of timing.  Or perhaps more experience or information is required.  Plans need to be put in place or the stars and planets need to align.

The important thing to understand is that creativity can creep in at any time and in any place.  Sometimes, our minds are just waiting for the perfect moment for that inspirational thought to pop in.

Instead of ignoring these little gems, or putting them on the backburner for another day, here’s 3 simple tips for keeping them close until you, and they, are ready to blossom:

1.  Be consistently prepared to capture the moment

When they happen, take a moment to pause and write down any thoughts, inspirational words, ideas or opportunities you stumble across or imagine.  Alternatively, thanks to technology, it’s even easier to have your phone on hand to capture images, make notes, email yourself at home if you’re working or even record a video or audio for yourself to explore further when you’re ready.

2. Chill out, you don’t have to have it all figured out

Like me, you might be guilty of putting off ideas and projects because you think you must have it all figured out before you can start.  Honestly? No one ever has it ALL figured out simply because it’s quite impossible to factor in every possible thing.  And sometimes, just getting underway with the smallest step is the place to start as momentum, plans and serendipity all start to come together to really fire things up.

Important note:  I’m certainly not suggesting you launch a whole business or brand and communication strategy without a plan or professional support, however, don’t ignore those inspiring ideas just because they aren’t fully formed as yet.

3. Follow your heart, it knows the way

What do you really want to do with this one incredible life you have the privilege of living?  This is a great question to consistently return to at every stage of your life.  Things change, people change, and it is a wonderful gift to allow yourself the opportunity to dream and leave your options open. Let’s say for example, you’re currently working as an accountant yet you long to write or work in travel. You keep getting these story ideas or find yourself constantly scouring and reading travel sites and locations. You might tell yourself when those inspiring ideas arise that it’s ‘silly’ or ‘a pipe dream’, ‘not realistic’ or ‘unattainable’.  Yet it doesn’t have to be that black and white.  It is totally possible to merge your career, your dreams and your ideas into one beautiful, bold and abundant life.

More than that, when you pay attention to those exciting, niggly little and big ideas that arise, you may find yourself discovering many new opportunities along the road not yet travelled.  It’s all about aligning yourself to what really matters, converting inspiring ideas into reality and being open to any and all suggestions from within and outwardly.



Joanne Martin is an International Best-Selling Publisher and Author.  She’s the CEO and Founder of Golden Earth Publishing.  Her bespoke publishing house specialises in corporate books, children’s books, solo author books and manuscript development for innovative business owners and creative thought leaders. You can view her books, colouring books and journals, including options for purchasing on Amazon.

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