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5 Insider Secrets of Powerful and Exceptional Communicators

I’ve got ‘5 Insider Secrets of Powerful and Exceptional Communicators’ that will help you uplevel your business and propel your career forward.  If you are looking to take the next step with your communication skills, then you’re in the right place.

From birth, one of the most revered and celebrated skills we learn is communication.  Whether crying to be held, smiling to show our happiness, throwing things to demonstrate our displeasure, or speaking words to get what we want (and delight our parents!), communication is an essential way of being for all of us.

Yet though it’s an innate and in fact fundamental tool for survival, why is that some people are so incredibly good at it, while others struggle to effectively convey their message with any kind of clarity or purpose?

Let me share with you right now what I do know with absolute certainty.

Great communicators are not made (or born), they are created. As with most skills in life, the ability to communicate effectively and powerfully is developed and deepened through education, experience and practice.  Sure, some people will have more of a natural affinity for communication however it’s worth remembering that hard work will almost always outperform natural talent.

In other words, you too have the capacity and opportunity to be a powerful and exceptional communicator.  And if you’re reading this article, it tells me you’re ready to get really intentional about becoming exactly that.

There are so many tips, tricks and tools I could share, but here’s some key Insider Secrets, that I think you need to know.  All powerful and exceptional communicators have these vital characteristics in common:

Insider Secret 1. They are honest and authentic

Honesty and authenticity builds trust.  When people know they can count on you to say what you mean and mean what you say, they are more likely to engage with you and listen to what you have to say.  For any kind of communication to be truly effective, it must be real.  This may require you to get to know yourself more deeply first and to be aware of both your area/s of expertise and confidence as well as your limits.

Insider Secret 2. They speak with authority

If you can’t back yourself with what you are saying, if you’re having doubts or don’t truly know if you believe in your message, this will be your undoing.  Never underestimate the power of preparation and planning for both everyday conversations and larger presentations.  Do your research. Know your point and your purpose.  Get to them quickly and assertively. As the old saying goes ‘don’t beat around the bush’ and if you’re unsure about a question that crops up, be prepared to be upfront about it and confidently advise that you’ll come back with an answer – then be sure to follow up as soon as you can.

Insider Secret 3. They engage in active listening

Amazing communicators know just how important it is to listen to understand and not just to respond.   Sometimes what you hear can be more valuable than what you have to say.  Being able to stay present and engaged when someone else is speaking is the hallmark of an effective and powerful communicator.  Being honest and authentic while speaking with authority, they have no need to think ahead or plan what they’ll say next.  Instead, they’re actively tuned in to whoever they are engaged in conversation with (individually or as a group) and remain fully focused on hearing and understanding the other person.

Insider Secret 4. They are experts in body language

Monitoring a person or group’s response to your message, delivery or conversation is another key skill.  Being able to quickly pick up on cues such as facial expressions and body language will not only serve to help you read others more effectively, it will also provide an opportunity to adjust your communication style or message where required.  When you’ve mastered the first 3 secrets to great communication, you’ll find you have the willingness and confidence to receive people as they are and meet them where they’re at, without any need for them to behave or respond any differently. Being open to any kind of resistance, prejudice, confusion or emotion (yours or theirs) is vital.

Insider Secret 5. They invite and encourage feedback

Communication is always a two-way street, even if only one person does the talking. However differing perspectives, based on things such as past experiences and personal beliefs, can be a huge roadblock to a successful outcome.  People who are great communicators never assume they have been understood as they intended to be, nor do they presume they have understood incoming messages without inviting feedback or checking in first.  Above all, they seek to gain accurate and complete mutual understanding of the communication, even where parties disagree.  They aren’t pushing to be right.  They are focused on genuine connection and affirming that they have interpreted incoming communication correctly and have in turn been successfully understood themselves, giving equal power and respect to each participant within the exchange.

Powerful and exceptional communication is a skill anyone can work on cultivating.  These 5 incredible Insider Secrets of Powerful and Exceptional Communicators are now in your hands and should you choose to focus on excelling in these.  Use these insider secrets to master your communication skills and you will no doubt see your influence, personal effectiveness and relational skills soar.



Joanne Martin is an International Best-Selling Publisher and Author.  She’s the CEO and Founder of Golden Earth Publishing.  Her bespoke publishing house specialises in corporate books, children’s books, solo author books and manuscript development for innovative business owners and creative thought leaders. You can view her books, colouring books and journals, including options for purchasing on Amazon.

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