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What Is Publishing? The Seven Processes Of Book Publishing

Book Publishing

Publishing a book is the process of transforming a manuscript that was formerly private to be accessible to the public. More than just producing and releasing books, commercial publishing aims to sell such publications to sufficient readers to generate a profit.

Simple and Successful Tips for Writing Brilliant Content

Writing brilliant content

It seems like almost everyone is writing content for their business these days and looking for simple and successful tips for writing brilliant content.  Whether it’s blogs, social media, e-newsletters or mailouts, there is a barrage of content available at our fingertips on any topic one could possibly want. And for good reason!  Delivering effective […]

Uplevel your skills and start communicating like a pro

Start communicating like a pro

Uplevel your skills and start communicating like a pro to take your business to the next level Communicating like a pro, similar to everything else on the planet, goes through trends and phases that shape the future.  The very nature of the way we interact and communicate changes as the world changes, it adapts to […]