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Don't Know Where To Start?

This is why you you’ve come looking for me. To help you decipher and understand vlogging, blogging, tweeting, Zoom-ing, SEO, gated content, trends, niches and everything in betweeen!

Content marketing (CM) is simply clever digital marketing strategies focused on creating and delivering consistent, effective and attention-grabbing content to inform and attract your ideal clients and audience – ultimately leading to conversion from passive viewer to active customer.

Effective content marketing is also about getting personal. It’s an interactive way for businesses, like yours, to connect with your audience beyond selling your brand, goods or services. They get to know you and in turn you get to know what motivates, inspires and engages them.

When you break it down, content marketing does sound kind of simple in theory. However, the truth is it can be quite a delicate balancing act to get it just right. It’s a creative kind of artform that requires design skill and expertise.

On one hand you need to be providing relevant, unique and useful content via mediums that reverberate with your audience. On the other, you want to be delivering content that reflects you and your style; and positions you as the authority you truly are in your field, building trust and loyalty with your brand along the way.

How Else Can Content Marketing Help You?

In so many ways! However, some of the key benefits I see consistently with my clients include:

  • Bringing the right people (think potential new clients!) into your space
  • Developing an interested and engaged audience
  • Building a great relationship and increased revenue with existing clients
  • Attracting new ‘ideal’ clients
  • Reducing or redirecting marketing overheads (think working smarter not harder!); and,
  • Showcasing your skills, style and expertise

Content marketing might see you sharing education material that enlightens them or answers a question they had. The content you share may solve a problem or provide a creative solution for the receiver. Content marketing has a point. It’s not just a send and forget one-time kind of deal. You’ve got to be all in and remain focused on quality content that delivers value and substance consistently.

And this is where I fit perfectly into the picture. Remember I mentioned how much I adore energy, intuition and creativity? It’s these fundamental traits in me that are going to serve you to create clever yet uncomplicated content marketing solutions that feel good, look good and most importantly, really work.

Let me get excited on your behalf about SEO content, visibility, rank, keywords, optimization and getting you in front of those who will truly benefit from knowing who you are and what you have to offer. Let me do the work to set up effective marketing funnels (which definitely can be a little tricky but oh-so-effective), giving you the edge when it comes to converting passers-by to connected clients.

You can become a powerful influencer through one of the most dynamic, on-trend digital marketing strategies which is at your fingertips right now – that’s content marketing.

I will work closely with you to create content that is rich, compelling, thought-provoking, engaging and entertaining. Content that sets you apart from your competitors. Content that reflects everything you and your business stand for. Content that takes you and your business to the next level.

Feeling inspired to get things moving? Let’s connect today and make exciting things happen for you!

Some lovely words from my clients.