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Healing Crystals for Children

What are the Best Healing Crystals for Children?

Using crystals to benefit children is safe, easy and can also be fun! Some crystals, such as Ruby and Black Obsidian have a strong and powerful vibration that can be overwhelming for sensitive adults as well as for children, so it is best to avoid them. There are, however, many crystals that have a gentler, nurturing vibration, making them more suitable for placing in a child’s room or for playing with.

Children are naturally drawn to crystals and will happily use them to make healing grids and patterns for themselves. They seem to tune in to the vibration of crystals more easily than us world-weary adults, so why not use the opportunity to re-connect with your own inner child as you support the youngsters around you?

Rose Quartz

The benevolent, loving energies of Rose Quartz are ideal for children. The vibration of this stone of Unconditional Universal Love is so gentle that children can wear bracelets or other Rose Quartz jewellery all day, and benefit from the positive energies it emits into their aura.

Rose Quartz brings deep inner healing and promotes a healthy sense of self-love and self-care. It encourages confidence in children and draws off negative energies from their biofield. It soothes emotional pain and brings in waves of loving energy to nurture and support children of all ages.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the supreme healer stone. It has the quality of seeking out the areas in need of support and healing and delivering the positive healing energies to the exact specification of the person in need of healing. It is widely available, inexpensive, and versatile in its applications. Why not encourage children to make their own mandalas or healing grids? Clear Quartz points, both single and double-ended, are useful for making the “framework” of any pattern and can be positioned to draw in positive energies or to deflect unwanted vibrations away from the centre of the grid.


Amethyst is wonderfully calming and can be of huge benefit to children who get anxious or upset. It soothes the mind, brings tranquillity to an over-active temperament, and transmutes negative vibrations into positive, loving energies.

Amethyst can be placed in a child’s room to encourage peaceful sleep and discourage nightmares.

Tiger’s Eye

Even the name of this stone seems to fascinate most children, and its bold colours, in contrasting bands of gold, brown and black appeal to their love of bright and shiny things. Tumbled stones of Tiger’s Eye can be carried in a pocket or made into pendants and necklaces. This stone promotes courage and self-esteem. It is also good for focusing the mind, so would be a useful stone for children sitting tests and exams. It is a pragmatic stone, so it is best not to carry it all day, every day. We all need space and time to daydream, and this is doubly true for children.

Green Aventurine

This crystal is a “good luck” talisman that has a strong connection to the Devic kingdoms and the natural world. It is also a protective, supportive stone for leadership and speaking publicly. It would be ideal for shy children who have difficulty making friends, as well as for those budding gardeners or naturalists among the youngsters you know or care for.

Encouraging Children to connect with crystals

If your child is naturally intuitive they will likely gravitate towards crystals naturally.  Encouraging this connection is a great way for them to build confidence, self trust and to learn more about their inner knowing.  Connecting with the natural world is great for all of us, but particularly for children who need that connection with nature to grow, learn and play.  Crystals support learning and help children learn about the world around them.

Learning about the best healing crystals for children through children’s books

Stories and books are a great way for children to learn more about crystals and how to use them.

I have written two beautiful children’s books, ‘Princess Aurelia and the Rainbow River’ and ‘Inspiring Children’s Stories’.  Both these books contain stories that help children learn about crystals and encourage them to be the best they can be.

Princess Aurelia and the Rainbow River tells the tale of a girl who loves crystals and how they lead her to build a stronger relationship with you little brother.

Inspiring Children’s Stories takes your child on a magical journey filled with fun and laughter. Our stories will inspire children to follow their dreams and be the best they can be. We hope children reading these stories will always remember they are amazing and can do anything they put their mind to.

Joanne Martin is an International Best-Selling Publisher and Author.  She’s the CEO and Founder of Golden Earth Publishing.  Her bespoke publishing house specialises in corporate books, children’s books, solo author books and manuscript development for innovative business owners and creative thought leaders. You can view her books, colouring books and journals, including options for purchasing on Amazon.

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