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Personalized or Homemade Gifts Show Love

While we’re all familiar with the phrase “It’s the thought that counts,” nothing says it more than personalized or homemade gifts to show love. Anyone can buy a gift, but it’s the thought and effort that has gone into the gift that counts more than the gift itself.

The real trick comes in: taking the time to think up a special gift and having it customized or gathering the supplies, and crafting it out of your own time, energy and talents.

While usually less flashy than the latest trendy gadget, small, thoughtful gifts are often cherished more than the most precious gems.

Here are 10 of the top ways to use a personalized or homemade gifts to show love

  1. Create a personalized journal, diary or coloring book. Whether it’s an annual diary, gratitude journal, coloring book or personalized notebook, having it turned into something unique for your friend or love one speaks volumes. Creating a personalized journal with their name on the front cover and inside on the title page is an amazing, individualized gift for someone who loves to write.
    • Coloring is a good way to relieve stress, practice mindfulness and develop artistic, talent. Plus every time your loved one is inspired to use it, they’ll think of you! Contact us to learn more about personalizing journals, diaries and coloring books.
    • Other options for handmade or one-of-a-kind gifts are a personalized calendar, scrapbook of photos, and memorabilia or a personalized coffee mug
  1. Create a card. Remember making cards in 4th grade? Grab a sheet of construction paper, some textured paper, glitter, feathers, diamantes, other decorative craft supplies, and a few of those fancy hole-punchers, and let out your inner artist. You may even discover a hidden talent!
  1. Cook a homemade dinner. There are thousands of great recipes online for dinners that will wow any loved one. Even if you aren’t a great chef and have trouble with pots, pans, and open flames, just go with something simple.
  1. Make a coupon book. This is always a hit with children, partners, friends, and family. Fill the coupon book with fun activities, a YES day, a night away from the kids, or even a week of taking care of the other person’s chores. Make it personal, honor the coupons without complaining, and don’t put an expiration date on them.
  1. Develop a slide show. Whip out your old pictures and make a slide show of all your favorite memories. Add your favorite music and let it scroll through some of the highlights of your shared experiences.
  1. Fulfill a dream of becoming a published author. If your loved one has always dreamed of becoming a published author, help them turn this into a reality. Research book publishing options, look into self-publishing assistance, hire an editor for their finished manuscript, or illustrate their children’s book if you’re a talented artist.
    • There’s plenty to do when publishing a book, so any assistance you can provide will go a long way toward turning a dream into a reality.
  1. Make chocolate-covered fruit. Pick a fruit e.g. strawberries, blueberries, or orange slices. Dip it in chocolate. Allow it to cool. Indulge. Simple, heartfelt, and delicious.
  1. Create homemade jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace made from clay, rings made from recycled cutlery or alpaca wool spun into balls and stitched together, handmade jewelry is always a hit with people of all ages. Get creative and make your own masterpiece that will be worn with love and pride.
  1. Make a hat or other accessory. A handmade hat or accessory e.g. a tote bag, wallet, or purse can be useful for a variety of purposes. Millinery classes teach hat-making basics, are a great way to improve your skills, and open up a world of gift-giving possibilities. A unique handcrafted fascinator, cap, or sunhat will set your gift apart from the mass-produced, store-bought version.
  1. Create a scavenger hunt for your children or partner. Start with a trail of chocolate from the front door to a location of your choice. From there use a hand-drawn map or post-it note to give them each successive clue. Get creative, make it fun and ensure they end up somewhere special after solving the final clue.

Remember to ensure that whatever you do to demonstrate your love, is from the heart.

You can do hundreds of things to show appreciation to those you love.  No matter what you make or personalize, or how well you do it, your loved ones will appreciate it because it’s a special gift from you.

Follow some of these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to coming up with your own ideas for using personalized or homemade gifts to show love.

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