Joanne Martin

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Capture attention

Create enthusiasm

Pique interest

Popular Keynote Speaker

As a highly sought-after professional keynote and motivational speaker, workshop session facilitator and communications professional. I show audiences how to be powerful and effective communicators, thought leaders and personal brand champions. Delivering dynamic presentations that radiate quality, motivation and inspiration, I can intuitively tap into live audiences and adapt my dialogue and style to effectively captivate attention and pique enthusiasm and interest.

Having been a keynote or guest speaker at more events than I can count on both hands, both in Australia and in the USA and Japan, my experience and skill working in the live speaking space has been honed and perfected over many years.

With the unique ability to entertain, stimulate thought and make a positive impact, having me as your guest or keynote speaker will guarantee your audience will be infused with sparks of inspiration. More than that, they’ll also receive incredible and professional specialist knowledge and empowering tools to nurture phenomenal change and growth.

Speaking At Presentations

To the presentation space, I bring rich and diverse personal insight and experience in communications, marketing and branding, change management, thought leadership and personal development.

You are brilliant and you are doing extraordinary things. You deserve an outstanding and charismatic speaker or facilitator to help you achieve exceptional results – and I offer nothing less.

Because I wholeheartedly believe in you and the bold goals you have, I’m offering you the opportunity for a vibrant, complimentary chat about your vision for any upcoming event, conference, workshop or forum where we can explore the possibility of having me present at your next glorious event.

Our chat will help to ignite your imagination and assist you to move forward with planning an experience that will blow your audience away – and have them begging for more.

When you engage my professional services, I will work with you to create and bring into manifestation something truly extraordinary, exclusive and unforgettable.

Let’s join forces before another day goes by. We’ve got some big and bold work to do – there are minds to change, attitudes to influence and incredible people to connect with and empower!

Some lovely words from my clients.